Bamboo Moulded Panels
Panels are made by moulding bamboo pulp into our collection of designs, to create an impact on walls, ceilings or anywhere your imagination leads. Our styles are created with design consideration given to dimensional form and its effect on light and colour. Bamboo Moulded Panels will set mood and atmosphere, from the subtle to the dramatic. Panels can be installed upon most surfaces using suitable adhesives. Installation can be carried out in situ or panels prefabricated in the workshop and then installed onsite. Once mounted, the panels can either remain their natural off white finish, or alternatively be prepared to create an endless monolithic affect by application of an undercoat /sealer, gap filler between panels and then the paint of your choosing applied by spray, brush or roller. Bamboo Moulded Panels will create a dramatic effect within your next commercial, residential or hospitality project.

Dimensions :
Material thickness:

460 mm x 460 mm with 20 mm depth
1.5 mm
250 – 300 grams per panel.
Boxes of 10 panels / 2.1 sqm coverage.
Treated to be moisture resistant.
Rated Group 1. Suitable for all classes of buildings and applications. Australian / NZ Standard 3837, A2.4. CSIRO NK6199 No.1388

bamboo 3d Wall Panels